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The Descendants of Peter PIPER (No kidding!)

Peter PIPER was born in 1770 in Pennsylvania. He was the son of Johann Adam PFEIFFER and Verena Elizabeth ZOLLINGER. Both his mother and father's families were of German ancestry. His full name was Johann Peter PIPER, but he was called "Peter". Peter PIPER married Catherine CARNS, daughter of Nicholas CARNES, in 1794. They had 13 children, all born in Pennsylvania. Little is known about the children, except for William PIPER, the seventh child, and George PIPER, the ninth child.

Records do indicate that Peter PIPER was a farmer, though we don't know if he grew and pickled peppers.

The children of Peter PIPER and Catherine (CARNS) PIPER were:

  1. John PIPER b. 1795
  2. Polly PIPER b. 1796
  3. Joseph PIPER b. 1798
  4. Samuel PIPER b. 1800
  5. Josephine PIPER b. 1801
  6. Catherine PIPER b. 1802
  7. William PIPER b. 1805, m. Polly BEAM
  8. Daniel PIPER b. 1807
  9. George PIPER b. 1809, m. Margaret HOWARD
  10. Jacob PIPER b. 1810
  11. Elizabeth PIPER b. 1812
  12. David PIPER b. 1813
  13. Jonathan PIPER b. 1817

George PIPER, son of Johann Peter PIPER and Catherine CARNS, m. Margaret HOWARD. Margaret HOWARD was the daughter of Henry HOWARD. They had eight children. Three of these children died within a month of each other in the Spring of 1842. Of the remaining five children, only one, David PIPER, is known to have had children. George PIPER spent most of his life in Pennsylvania. His first child was born in Westmoreland County. The next two were born in Somerset County, and the rest were born in Indiana County. George PIPER moved to Lyons, Rice Co., KS around 1882 with his wife and four surviving daughters. Margaret (HOWARD) PIPER died there in 1884. George PIPER died there in 1888.

The children of George PIPER and Margaret (HOWARD) PIPER were:

  1. Elizabeth "Lizzie" PIPER, b. 1833, m. J. S. STEFFY, 1872.

  2. Catharine PIPER, b. 1835, d. 1842
  3. Alen PIPER, b. 1838, d. 1842
  4. Jonathan PIPER, b. 1841, d. 1842
  5. Sarah "Sallie" PIPER, b. 1843, m. Myron LOOP.
  6. David PIPER, b. 1845, m. Rebecca RIDDLE, 1871.
  7. Harriet "Maggie" PIPER, b. 1848
  8. Eleanor PIPER, b. 1850, m. Charles BLAZIER, 1890.

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