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    Please read the following instructions
    before submitting your query.

  1. Queries are free.
  2. Submit queries for surnames listed on this site or an appropriate variation, only. If you are not sure if a variation is acceptable, please just e-mail me and ask, but I'm pretty flexible.
  3. Include at least one full name, one date, and one place.
  4. CAPITALIZE all surnames, including those of spouses or others listed in your query.
  5. If you don't know an entire name, use First-Name-Unknown or LAST-NAME-UNKNOWN for the missing portion.
  6. Use full names each time you refer to a person to avoid confusion.
  7. Use standard abreviations, such as b. for born, m. for married, m1. for married first, etc.
  8. Put the surname and "query" in the subject header of your e-mail.
  9. Include your first name and e-mail address for responses.
  10. Keep your query brief and to the point.
  11. Please include the name of the person's spouse as that will help other researchers know if your line ties into theirs. Names of children can also be helpful and are encouraged.
  12. I reserve the right to edit queries for length and clarity.

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