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The Family of John A. G. RABE

The spelling of the family surname was changed from RABE to RABY by the children of John RABE.

John RABE was born in 1843 in Prussia, Germany and came to America as a young boy, settling in Texas. Augusta PFEIL, his first wife, was the mother of his eight children. Six of these children raised families of their own.

John RABE served with the Confederate Army during the Civil War in Creuzbaur's Light Artillery Company. Some of his service was other than combat. He spent over 2 months working in the hospital at Fort Brown, Texas, and several months at the hospital at Ringgold Barracks, Texas. The company returns for June and July, 1864 state that he was on detached service "herding horses in Austin County".

John RABE was a methodist minister. He died in 1925 at the age of 82.

John RABE and Augusta PFEIL had the following children:

  1. William RABY, b. 1868, m. Martha LAST-NAME-UNKNOWN
  2. Benjamin RABY, b. 1868, m. Rosa SPATZ
  3. John RABY, b. 1871, m. Glendora BROWN
  4. Julius RABY, b. 1872
  5. Emma RABY, b. 1875, m. Frank KRUMHOLZ
  6. Julia RABY, b. 1878
  7. Charles RABY, b. 1880, m. Martha KARBACH
  8. Cornelius RABY, b.1881, m. Elizabeth FARLEY

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