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ESSIG Queries

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  • Albert ESSIG, possibly also known as Alberto ESSIG d. Sep 1945. His father came from St. Gallon, Switzerland. Any information would be greatly appreciated. E-mail Carole (31 Jan 2008).
  • Caroline (Lina) ESSIG b. c1849 in Oldenburg, Germany. Caroline ESSIG is next known in 1875 in Freeport, Stephenson Co., Illinois where she had a daughter, Caroline REICHERT. Caroline ESSIG m. John Phillip REICHERT somewhere in the U.S. Caroline (ESSIG) REICHERT d. in Kansas in 1894 at the age of 45. I know nothing of her family or when she came over from Germany. One Census record lists Prussia as her home country. Can anyone help me link her to a family? E-mail Joyce (20 Feb 2005).
  • Seeking parents of John George ESSIG, Sr., b. Weimshein, Wurttemberg, Germany, d. 1855, at sea, buried in Ireland. John ESSIG, Sr. m. Christina KLINGEL, b. Wurttemburg, Germany. Also looking for her parents. E-mail Leslie (4 Feb 2004).
  • Looking for information about the parents of Jane "Jennie" ESSIG. Jane ESSIG was born 2 Aug 1841, in Chester Co., PA. Jane ESSIG died 10 Mar 1897, in Prairie City, IA. Her sister, Anna C. ESSIG was born 16 Aug 1824. They also had a brother named John ESSIG. Jane ESSIG m1. Edwin MANFULL of West Liberty, IA. Jane ESSIG m2. Henry Crouse CRILEY of Chester, PA. E-mail Mike (11 Sep 2002).
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